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"Bright, fresh and shiny is nice on the outside.
But what if it's a dry dirty old corpse within?

-- "The Eternal Question", from the Book of Bekki

2009-05-09: What's The Point?

Thanks to another source I found out why I was banned from RubberPal. And, as it turns out, the "clique" is relying upon hearsay rather than the written record of my words.

So I'll be point blank blunt: I am not a violent person. But I do get concerned when these people decide to rely upon lies, slander and gossip in order to intimidate me and others. In fact this is the very same thing that these people have accused me of doing. And while it will take time for all of this to get processed through the system I always come back to that one question:

"What's the point?"

I look at it this way: These people had a lot going for themselves. And I did hold them in high regard. Now that Dana Windsor and his "clique" claims that I'm a "dangerous" person I now know how fragile his facade truly is. I may be a man of action but I'm not a dangerous person in regards to life and limb. I figure that people have to make the choice between honest and dishonest living. Dana and his "clique" made their choice. Now they have to live with the consequences.

People will think that I'm "stalking" him and his "clique". Nonsense. How is reporting what's going on "stalking"? After all all I really want is to expose all of this and nothing more. He and his associates have really nothing to offer me and the fetish world short of repentance. And if my words make me a dangerous man then that's fine by me.

Tyrants are afraid of the truth. While they and their lackeys may have a bit more volume and numbers it's all much ado about nothing on their part. A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. So while they can play their online games I can at least be comforted in the notion that I'm not alone. And, when history is written, these people will be disgraced many times over.

Again, certainly if what I have written to these people is in any way, shape or form proof of how "dangerous" I am then post it online with full headers. From someone who'd like to call the Freeport Police or FBI on me it appears that he and his "clique" are lacking in substance. And that is why they will not post any of my correspondence.

I can understand that. I've been getting into the habit of digitally signing my work. If they were to edit or quote it out of context they would be killing their assertion right there. Indeed, a lie to cover up another lie.

These people can stop any time. Really. But that's the problem: They're addicted. They will do anything and everything to make sure that I won't learn more about what's going on behind the scenes and report it.

Oh, I overlooked one thing: They aren't going to sue me for libel, slander or character assassination. The words they write from their own keyboards are the best evidence I can publish here. ;-)

So what's the point in me going about this endeavor? Because I can. Because someone has to say something. Because there is something truly afoul within the fetish world. And if not me then who? I don't have anything to lose and they have nothing to offer me in the way of value. Their words are worthless. They are all style and no substance. And someone has to get out there, say it for what it is and take a stand for authenticity.

Anyway, I'm going to be opening up my "Sent" folder in the coming months. Again, if there's anything I've learned it's that I assume everything I send from here is already public anyway. And, if someone does some research, they'll not find a shred of "terroristic activity" over from my part of the 'net. In the meantime I've activated the Articles page which has a link to the digitally-signed E-mail I sent to Dana.

Again, if they truly had something "with teeth" they would have used it by now through the legal system. But they won't. My employment, time with my family and Mistress takes up more time than writing elsewhere. I'm just surprised I found time to write this.

Then again, the Acer helps.

Have a glovely latex day, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

Mark B. - Writer & Editor, "Miss Rubber World Controversy"
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2009-05-07: Narrative Summary Released

While it would have been much more dramatic if I posted a tracking number I've decided to play by the rules and not overload the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs as of yet. So I've decided to instead file my complaint electronically. The downside is that there's nothing dramatic about an electronic filing for it's rather instantaneous. But I did provide a summary of all the information within the narrative. I also ran out of glossy photo paper for the photos and screenshots. So I'veused that time to restock and make sure the narrative is as complete as humanly possible and fact-checked for accuracy.

Meanwhile, on RubberPal, Rubix is still intimidated by the "clique". So I remain censored. Why these people would waste their time on me instead of solving the problems within their own organization is beyond me. I guess it's easier to go after a scapegoat rather than to admit that they messed up and fix what went wrong.

Their problem is obvious: They got caught. Now it will take some time as this thing goes through the NYC government and reviewed (about 45 days). So while they have their fun and pretend that nothing's happening (that's called denial) the truth is that things have been happening behind the scenes.

I'll write more about some other observations I've made. In the meantime it's time for the grown-ups in NYC to take charge and hold these children accountable.

Have a glovely latex day, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

Mark B. - Writer & Editor, "Miss Rubber World Controversy"
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2009-04-22: Narrative Release Date For NYC

I don't know about you but when I get on a writing jag it seems that my web presence suffers. Thus is the small price to pay for working on the narrative. Because it's all within a nicely compressed OpenDocument format it doesn't take up much space but since not many people are wise to ditch M$-Office and install a copy of OpenOffice.org instead not many people can read it if I uploaded it here.

But that's okay. I will be releasing it in .PDF as a download and filling up the appropriate web pages here with content from it for immediate viewing.

Speaking of which, the release date for the hardcopy to be sent via registered postal mail to the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs is now set:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Or, for the defendants, "Black Tuesday". It'll be the perfect counterpoint to the post-coital aftermath of their weekend. ;-)

Mind you, that's the date when the whole shebang leaves Freeport, PA to make its way to New York City, NY. And, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, a tracking number that can be input into the official USPS tracking page where one can also choose to receive updates on its progress via E-mail.

I'm still researching in an attempt to track down the documentary crew who attended Miss Rubber World 2009 and will be at Rubberdoll World Rendezvous 2009. Certainly the controversy being publicized by myself and known by many others behind the scenes would also be included for the sake of a balanced view. After all they don't have any footage of RubberBekki or myself engaging in any misconduct. But I did give them an eyeful and earful of information. Whether or not they will keep or axe that footage is dependent as to how independent they are as documentary filmmakers or are simply there to give one side to the story for the sake of promotion.

Speaking of RubberBekki She's going to add a couple Open Letters to Her website. Her website hasn't been updated in a while due to all of the things happening as of late. But at least it will be updated with stuff that the "clique" is deliberately censoring.

Finally, to one of my sources, I can understand how "normals" will use this as yet another example as to why people who engage in fetish are "wrong". I don't buy it. The proper blame should be placed on those who engaged in fraud in the first place and not on anyone who dares to buck the trend and break the silence.

Maybe I am "normal" after all instead of being a real fetishist. I just couldn't have that on my conscience. Ah, that's it! I'd have to turn off my conscience first then I can be on my way to being a real fetishist, eh? Sounds perverted to me.

Feh! Sickness and secrets! That's why I'm an open-source geek! ;-)

Have a glovely latex day, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

Mark B. - Writer & Editor, "Miss Rubber World Controversy"
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2009-04-15: Acer Aspire One Arrives!

Right now I'm backing up the factory-installed data on the new Acer Aspire One netbook. In comparison to my 2002 Gateway notebook computer it is much smaller. But it has a bigger hard drive, longer battery life and much more cool stuff. Once the backup is completed I'll remove the non-essential stuff from its hard drive (crap such as Micro$oft Works, M$-Office 2007 and other stuff I regard as malware), install OpenOffice.org and my other favorite writing and publishing tools.

And while having new gear is nice it is a bittersweet day for me. Even though it is my day off I find my own personal resources stretched further. In addition to the overtime at work I also have to tend to my family. My mother just had her shoulder operated on and that means I'll be assisting her in regards to her convalescence. My dad, unfortunately, got laid off so now I have much in the way of having to support my family in this time of need. So while I'd like to play with my new gear right now I have family business to attend to.

What that means is that as much as I'd like to go to Minneapolis for Rubberdoll World Rendezvous to lend moral support to those who truly enjoy their fetish (unlike the organizers and their associates, of course) I know that to have my Creation, RubberBekki, there would be an endorsement of an event produced by Rubber Events International. With investigations pending as well as other behind-the-scenes stuff that the organizers would rather not give publicity towards I'll just say it right here:

They do not deserve your business. If you love rubberdolling you can make a better impression by going local and planting a few seeds of inspiration to those who may not have seen a Real Rubberdoll before. And not "Steffy" or "Spirit", for example. But actual gentle people who love their fetish and the scene in general and aren't simply posing to meet appearances as they engage in unethical business practices or throwing their tantrums behind closed doors.

And, with my new gear, I'll be able to at least make the use of my break time at work to write more. So expect this site to have much more in the way of content. Granted, I would have loved to have the associates of Rubber Events International finding an "intruder" amongst them yet realizing foolishly that they don't own the whole hotel. Now that would have been very entertaining, especially since I would have been wired for sound anyway! Again, life intruded. But then I will be seeing these miscreants soon. ;-)

Anyway, prior to picking up the Acer at the post office and getting the snail mail for The ARID Site I did find time today to scan some printed documentation related to the competition as well as organize the photos from the event that RubberBekki took there at the event and in NYC in general. The official printed documentation regarding Miss Rubber World 2009 will be adjusted and formatted for optimum FAX quality. Other ancillary digital information regarding the event has also been archived. All pertinent information will be released per "Fair Use" guidelines for evidence presentation.

Now that I've had time for a breather the narrative is getting richer with content. I'm fairly certain that I'll wind up having to request permission in FAXing it out to the proper authorities first before sending it all out. It's just a lot in regards to all the digital data. If not I can always print it all out with key photos printed in color on glossy photo stock and sent via registered snail mail (my local post office loves me).

I'll get around to fixing up the broken links and resurrecting some previously-posted content this week as well. I now have a killer tool to expose these frauds while away from my main workstation.

Have a glovely latex day, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

Oh, and just say "NO WAY!" to ALL Rubber Events International-produced and sponsored events!

Mark B. - Writer & Editor, "Miss Rubber World Controversy"
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2009-04-08: Updates

I've been spending my day off making the Evidence all fresh and well-presented for submission to various consumer affairs organizations. Since I enjoy writing and have edited books for publication for friends it's no problem with me getting the layout down for both FAX and snail-mail submissions. So if you're wondering why the pages aren't up yet it's because those organizations have first dibs on the information. Besides why should I let the opposition have a look? They already know about their associates anyway.

I'm also fine-tuning the layout as well. I want to add more buttons to the site navigation bar on the left margin. I want to add a standalone FAQ page and some other stuff. So some pages are going to be reformatted with that small change. So it's good I didn't go page-crazy as of yet. The links are "live" but are broken and don't lead many places, though. But I can at least put up a Links page so that others who like DIY consumer activism can jump in as well.

I've also had some thoughts as well. Such as, "What if there is a hearing?" To me that's a well-spent vacation in NYC. By then I'll have my spiffy miniturized computing gear with me to make use of some spare time as I snap photos and write some more.

And spare time? With my responsibilities with my Mistress, work and the extra overtime my pockets are getting fatter with the extra money. The raise also helped too. But with what I have I have little time to wind down and enjoy what I have plus work on this as well. But then, when I do, I make every keystroke count. I'd also love to put extra work into DollyDigital.net but I really need to expose this current fraud first. It's a moral imperative.

And, now that I think about it, I really have no desire at this time to check out RubberPal because of the overtime at work. Again, it's about priorities. I'd like to digitally bandy about Bekki's shiny ass verbally but the keystrokes matter here first. I have no time for nonthinking posers.

I'll get my old notebook out of storage and use that to jot notes upon in the meantime. It's old but it'll work for now. But the Acer will be much nicer in both reduced size and increased power.

Have a glovely latex day, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

Mark B. - Writer & Editor, "Miss Rubber World Controversy"
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2009-04-05: Updates

I've been resting and writing as usual. Since Rubix is dragging his feet with my RubberPal access ...

...I've decided to focus on my efforts here (there will be broken links in the meantime).

I respect Rubix's work. I have no personal beef with him. He does tend to drag his feet concerning site updates now and then. Oddly enough he did take my money rather quickly with no problem.

But that's okay. I got what I needed before his last RubberPal software update. I had the foresight to make backups so everything is running nominally. The "B" is still alive, kickin' it and kickin' ass as always.

I'm still kickin' around other ideas for the site. Since I've been digitally signing my E-mail (a habit that I got into early with The ARID Site but only gotten around to doing regularly with ALL the written work I send out) and also saving it locally I have even more content than I thought that I could publish. Since it's all signed then its integrity is intact and can be verified using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard). So I've been raiding my "Sent" folders and consolidating it all.

I've also learned of something else about the wonderful "clique" within and around Rubber Events International: An associate or two may get busted for criminal activity that they may have engaged within on Feburary 19, 2009 in Minneapolis, MN. The bloodhounds are on the trail and the sharks are in the water, so to speak. I'll be the first to know if anything should come of it. When the documentation arrives it'll have a home in the Evidence area.

Mistress and I can't wait for the weather to get nicer for some photo shooting. Bekki wants to get some playtime. ;-)

Have a glovely latex day, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

Mark B. - Writer & Editor, "Miss Rubber World Controversy"
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More to come...

...because this site is always being updated. ;-)

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