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A Solution


There is a mountain of evidence that proves wrongdoing and unethical business practices by Rubber Events International and its associates, the promotion company behind Miss Rubber World. That evidence (soon to be presented here) is all backed up with eyewitnesses, photos and other documentary evidence. Nothing has been changed except by the feeble attempts of the guilty parties' delete keys after the fact (the power of their keys are limited to their own computers and servers under their control).

Key parts of their unethical business practices contradicts item #18 from the Metropolitan New York branch of the Better Business Bureau (emphasis added) and served as a further catalyst for this disclosure:

18. Contests and Games of Chance
  1. If contests are used, the advertiser should publish clear, complete and concise rules and provide competent impartial judges to determine the winners.

  2. No contest, drawing or other game of chance that involves the three elements of prize, chance and consideration should be conducted since it constitutes a lottery and is in violation of federal statutes.

  3. The Federal Trade Commission has rendered various decisions on contests and games of chance relating to disclosure of the number of prizes to be awarded and the odds of winning each prize, and issued a trade regulation rule for games of chance in the food retailing and gasoline industries. Advertisers should make certain any contest conforms to FTC requirements as well as any applicable local and state laws.

The first point is of particular interest here for there is clear cut evidence of bribery and conflict of interest in regards to the judging of the event. Details on the scoring (or lack thereof), rules and other miscellany concerning the event wasn't all properly organized on the official website for the event. I had to piece it all together.

More information about the NYC ordinances are included within the main narrative to be sent to NYC on Tuesday, April 28, 2009.

The Evidence Pages:

Page 1: Going In Cold
Page 2: Who Is Behind This?
Page 3: The Competition In Question
Page 4: "I Love Bribes!"
Page 5: The Conflicts Of Interest
Page 6: So, What's The Score?
Page 7: Who Wins? Who Loses?
Page 8: February 19, 2009: Identity Theft

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