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The discussion group is hosted by Yahoo! Groups and is in an E-mail discussion format. You can send, receive and participate in the discussion in the comfort of your favorite E-mail client.

This group is where the latest press releases convering the next steps and news concerning the Miss Rubber World Controversy and judged events in general. The emphasis is on getting the word out while being as open as possible as the discussion focuses on the very nature of the conflicts of interest, bribery, and other acts that render the event to be a farce.

This page also serves as the official plaintext archive for the group and will be updated as needed. With an emphasis on being as open as possible all deletions will also be archived and available for future review in a .ZIP format download to preserve continunity.

All E-mail sent by the moderator (Mark B.) and anyone connected with DollyDigital.net is digitally signed using GnuPG or PGP. This is to ensure that no forgeries or alterations occur, such as in the case of identity theft or any other malicious act of doppleganging.

IMPORTANT! Please note that this is a PUBLIC group. If you have highly sensitive information to share DO NOT post them into the group. Instead E-mail it directly to the moderator:

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Have a glovely latex day, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time!

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Pardon the mess. I had to place this online at least.

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For those who were wondering why there isn't a "rubberist" or "IAR" insignia upon this website: With all the nonsense going on would you want to be like those people who commit fraud in the name of fetish? 666