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A Solution

A Solution

"Not interested."
--Spirit, a tantrum-throwing rubberdoll.

This is where a solution that will solve the various problems concerning Miss Rubber World will be detailed.

Originally I did write the article to be placed here. I've shared a draft of it with a couple moral supporters and they are pleased. However, as with the narrative, I found that the original version needed expanded to take into account the new discoveries as I researched further. Needless to say that the old version is now obsolete.

Just like the lack of evidence on the Evidence page I decided to withhold web publishing the information at this time. This is not that I don't have any evidence. The truth is that I really don't want to help the defendants until the hearings begin. Thus work on the narrative comes first and the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs gets first access to all of it.

The text for "A Solution" will be incorporated into the narrative as a possible resolution with an eye on oversight. Since Rubber Events International and its associates can't run a clean contest then someone will have to be there to play babysitter.

Have a glovely latex day, be well and live well one LIFETIME at a time! :-)

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For those who were wondering why there isn't a "rubberist" or "IAR" insignia upon this website: With all the nonsense going on would you want to be like those people who commit fraud in the name of fetish? 666