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A Solution


One of the benefits of having this evidence and stuff at hand is that it provides inspiration as to where I can take this. And the best way I've found for dealing with this is to simply play it all out and write about it.

I'm not the best nonfiction writer but I'm good enough. I can see exactly why Randy Cunningham was drawn to nonfiction though his "This Is True" series of newsletters and books: fiction needds more creatiovity for it needs to make sense. Reality, on the other hand, is quite wacky without any other embellishment.

Unlike the pathetic criminals behind Rubber Events International I do have a day job. So I have precious little time to spend wanking about. Computer games aren't my thing. But writing about Reality is something I truly enjoy. For some reason I'm drawn to documenting true crime. Go figure.

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The 48-Hour Ultimatum (2009-03-19)
I just had to state it for the record. Aside from Dana Windsor's response it has been met with silence. Since they aren't going to be up front then I'll take the reins and get it all out.

[Updated 2009/05/09]

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For those who were wondering why there isn't a "rubberist" or "IAR" insignia upon this website: With all the nonsense going on would you want to be like those people who commit fraud in the name of fetish? 666